The Details

With a sleek new design, the ARCC e2-pod Gen II Intelligent Power System comes with the choice of a 4.0 Ah or 6.0 Ah Bosch battery which are readily available from most tool retailers and online. The 4.0 Ah battery gives a typical range of up to 30km and the 6.0 Ah battery up to 40km. They are cheaper than conventional e-bike batteries; are robust (rated for a 3m drop onto concrete); charge between 35-50 minutes; and have a two-year warranty from Bosch. With the battery weighing just 1.3kg and measuring 158 x 97 x 76mm, a spare can be carried for any extended trip. The battery pack slides onto the e2-pod, locating with a positive click where it sits with the charge level display visible. When the battery is removed, the bike reverts to its standard configuration and can be used as a regular bike.
The black lever on the e2-pod is the mechanical release for the battery: pull and hold the lever up to disconnect and release the battery from the pod.
Using the accompanying Bluetooth controller or the e2-pod app, the user has complete control of the level of assistance received from the ARCC e2-pod Intelligent Power system.
In total the ARCC e2-pod Intelligent Power System adds around 3.9kg to the bike (with the battery fitted).
There are two power modes. ‘M’ gives a conventional torque sensor type power output: the motor cuts in immediately as you pedal and its output matches your own input. The result is a very natural cycling action, but with the sensation of being given a gentle boost.
The ‘A mode’ utilises the in-built “Inclinometer / Accelerometer” sensor which allow the ARCC e2-pod to recognise hills and gradients, and accordingly provide automatic compensation by increasing or decreasing the power delivered. This results in the rider’s exertion levels remaining more constant whilst tackling gradients, as if travelling on the flat.
There is also a traffic light/hill start launch control function. This can be activated by applying both brakes and pressure to the pedals. When the brakes are released and the rider pedals, the e2-pod will deliver maximum power to the motor for a period of three seconds, enabling an effortless get-away to be achieved for safety, when moving away from traffic lights and crossings in heavy traffic.


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