How often should I oil my chain?

Chain lube frequency depends on whether you use a dry lube or a wet lube. Dry lube is cleaner but washes off more easily.


The best way to lube the chain is to change into top gear (big chain ring on the chain set), then while slowly backpedalling drip or spray the lube until every chain link is oiled. Run through all the gears to distribute the lube over the sprockets and help it penetrate the chains rollers. Wipe off any excess lube with a dry cloth. 

What should I use to clean my bike?

Use a degreaser for chains and sprockets. Use soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth to clean the rest of the bike. Please ensure you remove your pod and battery before cleaning your bike. Do not use a pressure washer to clean your bike. 

How often should my bike be serviced?

As a minimum we recommend an annual service, however more frequent servicing may be required depending on how often you ride your bike.

Where will I find my frame number/serial number?
On the Cinelli you will find both on the bottom bracket (turn the bicycle upside down to see them). On the Moulton TSR you will find the frame number on the underside of the tube of the front joining pivot (halfway between the handlebars and seat). The serial number is a five digit number on a grey sticker on the frame seat tube.

What is the battery range (distance)?

4.0 Ah Battery: Up to 30 miles / 45 km.
6.0 Ah Battery: Up to 40 miles / 60 km.
(dependent on rider and environmental factors)

How long will the battery take to charge?

4.0 Ah Battery: 80% charge in 25 minutes, 100% in 35 minutes.
6.0 Ah Battery: 80% charge in 35 minutes, 100% in 55 minutes.
(charge times when using the Bosch GAL 3680 CV Professional charger)

What warranty does the bike and the e2-pod system come with?

The bike frame and pod system, excluding the motor which has a 2 year warranty, are covered by a 5 year warranty. The Bosch battery is covered by a 2 year warranty from Bosch. Warranty exclusions (list not exhaustive); tyres, inner tubes, chains, sprockets, brake pads, brake cables.

Can I ride without the e2-pod system?

Yes! The bike is fully functional as a bike without the e2-pod system.

How do I set the saddle height?
Sit on the bike and place the heel of your foot on a pedal in the lowest cycle pedal position. Adjust the saddle height so that your leg is straight whilst the pedal is in the lowest cycle pedal position, with your pelvis in a horizontal position. To ensure the adjustment is correct, place the ball of your foot on the pedal in the lowest cycle pedal position, and you will have a slight bend in your leg.
How do I remove a wheel to repair a puncture?

Moulton & Cinelli


Front wheel: Remove the motor cable from the lower retainer. Disconnect the motor cable by separating the 9 pin lead connector. Use a 15mm spanner to remove the wheel nuts. Remove the washer and fork support from each side of the wheel, which will release the wheel. When the front wheel has been changed, ensure the arrows on each end of the 9 pin lead connectors are facing each other for correct alignment, to avoid damaging the pins. 


Rear wheel: Use a 15mm spanner to remove the wheel nuts. Remove the washer from each side of the wheel, pull the chain tensioner towards the back of the bike and remove the wheel.


Moulton Sturmey Archer models only (3 or 5 speed)


Wheel removal: To prevent damaging the hub, shift into third or fifth gear (for a 3 speed or 5 speed bike respectively) to remove tension on the cable. Unlock the adjuster lock ring a quarter of a turn. Unscrew the adjuster barrel, which is attached to the gear cable. Keep the lock ring nut in its original position and use it as an adjustment reference when re-setting the gears. Carefully unwind the toggle chain (to avoid damage) and remove it from the axle. Remove the main drive chain from the rear sprocket, and remove the 15mm wheel nuts and washers from each side of the wheel. The wheel is now free to repair the puncture.


Wheel installation: Pull the chain tensioner towards the back of the bike and slide the wheel to the back of the drop outs. Replace the washers and wheel nuts and return the chain on the sprocket. Check your gear shifter is still in third or fifth gear, insert the toggle chain into the axle and screw it in completely without applying any force. Screw the adjuster barrel on to the toggle chain until it is locked tight against the lock ring nut.

The e2-pod isn’t working

Check the battery is fully charged and correctly clicked into position on the pod. Check the pod is correctly clicked into position and there are no loose or disconnected cables. Ensure the brake cables are not twisted. If your pod doesn’t work after carrying out these checks then please contact us.

The brake switch is stuck in the ‘on’ position
Check the connectors are not loose or disconnected and that the brake cable is not twisted. If your brake switch remains stuck after carrying out these checks then please contact us.
What pressure should I put in my tyres?

70 PSI for a Moulton with standard Continental Contact tyres.

100 PSI for a Cinelli fitted with standard Continental Ultra Sport II tyres.

For other tyres see the tyre side wall for pressures.

How do I separate the Moulton TSR frame?
Disconnect the torque sensor cable (located on the top tube between the steerer tube and the seat tube) and unscrew the two stainless steel cable connectors in the frame centre. Then unscrew the black knurled nut by hand and unbolt and remove the centre retaining bolt with a 6mm hexagonal key. The frame will then separate into two parts. When reconnecting the torque sensor cable ensure the arrows on each end of the 5 pin lead connectors are facing each other for correct alignment, to avoid damaging the pins.
What frame size do I need?

Moulton TSR’s are suitable for riders 5’3” to 6’4” tall, inside leg measurement 27” to 36”.


Cinelli Mystic Rat’s are available in a range of sizes:








5’6” to 5’9”

5’8” to 5’11”

5’10” to 6’1”

6’0” to 6’2”

Inside leg measurement

29” to 30”

30” to 31”

31” to 32”

32” to 33”



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