Mannequino is an ultra light-weight and compact modular pop-up mannequin system designed by Royal College of Art graduates Kelly Sant and Arash Kaynama.


The patented design is a technologically and environmentally smart, durable modular visual merchandising system, intuitive to assemble in minutes and disassemble in seconds. It can hang easily or be freestanding depending on the components used in the system. These can be delivered globally in volume on a next day delivery Worldwide at a fraction of the cost and burden of using traditional mannequins.


This clever closed loop manufacturable concept can achieve a 90% reduction in logistics costs using the Mannequino shells in volume around the World, and a 50% reduction when used with its stand and internal lighting system. 


Its non-toxic recyclable panels are designed to be replaced individually at low cost, as opposed to the painful ongoing running costs of traditional glass fibre resin mannequins. 


It has a modern contemporary design led aesthetic and for a more traditional look, the bust comes with a durable, elegant fabric cover.


It houses a smart internal LED lighting system remotely controlled by a smart mobile device, giving you an amazing array of colours and intensities under Mannequino's skin which can also sync to music using Apps on a smart phone or tablet to create highly desirable visual effects perfect for window displays, product launches, trade shows or in-store. 


Mannequino’s key benefits have been fully field tested in a roll out by Ben Sherman globally and by Muji for their European stores.

Ben Sherman shop window









Studio17 Design is an award-winning Cambridge-based design and innovation consultancy; a unique fusion of its founders’ respective expertise in automotive and product design.


London N17 saw the establishment of Studio17, inspiring the company name. Based in an old factory building, the studio brought together the creative talents of Ashley May and David Evans in 2010.


Studio 17’s synergy of functional innovation and advanced emotive design manifests products with vigour and physical purity, tempered by an acute appreciation of commercial reality.


In 2012 the studio relocated to an innovation centre amidst the Cambridgeshire countryside, with state-of-the-art prototyping and engineering facilities.


The studio regularly collaborates with a number of trusted associates with expertise in different fields, although the pair maintain creative control of every project they work on.


The studio works across the following disciplines:

- Research and strategic analysis
- Innovation and opportunity concept design
- Detailed design and development
- Design for manufacture
- 3D CAD / 2D CAD for prototype and production
- Visualisation
- Branding and packaging








Toad Custom Cycles design and hand build bespoke steel framed bicycles, using traditional methods. After a few years of building up the business out of a converted old stable yard, Toad has now moved to a dedicated workshop at ARCC Innovations, in Great Abington, Cambridgeshire. Each bicycle is uniquely designed and crafted for the individual, to their specific requirements, using the finest materials and components.


Since 2012, Toad has created a diverse range of bicycles, from tough Fillet Brazed mountain bikes, sleek and fast Road bikes, through to a very unique 1960’s inspired Light Tourer. Toad was the winner of the Public Vote award at The Bespoked UK Handmade Bicycle Show in 2015.

Toad Cycles




FLX Chair is an active seat with a patented flexible mechanism, designed to provide a dynamic natural motion similar to the swaying branch of a tree.  


By activating core stability muscles, FLX Chair can help to improve posture, increase circulation and aid concentration. 


FLX Chair has an elegant and economical design which is suitable for many environments including cafes, libraries, colleges and workplaces.

FLX chair