I am now cycling to work. This is a statement I thought I would never be able to honestly say. Yes I have cycled in a couple of times in the past but I have arrived hot, bothered and not ready for the day. I am then in an even worse state when I return home late in the day. My journey is about 6 miles but it covers the hilliest parts of London – Highgate and Alexandra Palace… I have always wanted to cycle, partly to get fitter but also to save time and I certainly don’t want to be adding anything to the high pollution levels in London.  Commuting by public transport takes about one hour and driving takes about 35 minutes, cycling on my Brompton was taking about 40 minutes.
But now… with my fabulous ARCC upgrade of my Brompton I am zipping to work in about 25 minutes feeling fresh, happy and ready for the day. My return journey is just as easy. I am fitter and I really can say now that I cycle to work. Hills really are no hassle. The ARCC equipment is of exceptional quality, completely reliable and very easy to use. The battery charging time is extremely quick. The whole system is elegant and beautifully engineered.
The power helps me up the hills and allowing me to use my energy to speed along the flat parts of the journey and to reduce my journey time each day. The power boost after releasing the breaks is a piece of genius. It means that I shoot away from traffic lights so I can get away from cars and from the Lycra clad professional looking cyclists. And that is part of the joy of the ARCC, it enables me to charge up hills and overtake everyone in front of me.  
I am absolutely loving my ARCC adapted Brompton, I generally feel happier and I am much fitter.
Thank you ARCC
Marcus Davey OBE
Chief Executive and Artistic Director
The Roundhouse
Sebastian Conran

“The beautifully made e2-pod Intelligent Power system works like magic, giving you extra oomph just when you need it, and now I actively seek short cuts across hills and don’t get left behind at the traffic lights anymore - it’s also especially good on hot days when it literally takes the sweat out of cycling. It works wonderfully on my Moulton, which is one of my favourite bikes. Completely intuitive to use and reliable battery life has proved more than adequate for a day’s cycling - although I can carry a spare for very long trips.”


Sebastian Conran

Edward Hall

"I have now covered over a thousand stress free miles on this new electric hybrid. It has made an everyday roundtrip commute of up to twenty two miles a breeze. I am able to dial up and down how much assistance I want depending on energy levels, making it a practical mode of transport as well as a means of keeping fit. The bicycle is light, beautifully designed and is very easy to use. I always arrive at work fit and alert and ready for the day after a good cycle. If I am feeling tired at the end of a week, I just dial up the power on my journey to or from work which powers me up and down hills without much pedalling required. It really is, for a busy and mobile person like myself, the answer to getting around London and keeping fit. Gone are the days when if I feel a little tired I get the train as with this machine, I can get all the help I might want with the turn of a dial. Perfect."


Edward Hall, Artistic Director Hampstead Theatre


I’ve been riding a bicycle around London for over thirty years from Highgate to Forest Hill. The ARCC e2-Pod Power System has given me an extra set of muscles and power in my legs – or that’s how it feels. The power comes on very smoothly just when I need it up hills and on starting, but not in excess. When I take the pressure o the pedal, the electric motor goes into neutral. My brakes work just as they would on my non-powered bike.


It’s very easy to attach the battery pack and, more importantly, to detach it quickly when transporting the bike. I carry a spare battery for extra distance, but around London that’s hardly necessary. The powerful 36V 4.0 Ah Bosch battery is easy and fast to charge. The front-carried battery pack and hub motor are almost unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Cycling and keeping up with very energetic fit bikers – who are working very hard to keep up with me – is a joy, and very amusing as they can’t work out how I keep up the energy, as I cruise by them going up hills! I’ve tried the bike on some steep London gradients and it changes a big sweat into a very light pleasant body heat. You do get a bit of proper exercise, unlike some electric bikes, but you get a lot more immediate payback for your effort.


Apart from the slight extra weight, which you hardly notice, and extra wires here and there that don’t interfere with my bike at all, there is no downside to this product.


ARCC’s latest innovation is the remote control on the handlebars to vary power and effort ratio, which is now run by Bluetooth to the control panel on the battery and hub motor. It’s very smooth, switching from one power level to another, except for a tiny half-second lag. It’s very easy to see and operate.


I’ve ridden motorbikes and bicycles around London for many years, and I think this is the ideal solution. Power when you need it combined with an efficient well-engineered bike. Perfect!


Thomas Teicman

David Edgerley

I live and commute in a hilly part of London with some steep gradients between home and work. Before using the e2-pod Intelligent Power system, I often chose longer, flatter routes. With the e2-pod, I ride as the crow flies. It works out what I need, anticipates inclines and delivers extra power when taking off from lights. It flattens out the landscape without emasculating me. The control unit is beautifully made. The two control dials, once set, need no further adjustment; the electronics adjusts the power delivery to match the pressure I apply to the pedals. It's great that the off-the-peg Bosch rechargeable battery can be swapped so easily for a fresh one; even so, I can cover over 25 miles between charges.


David Edgerley, Design Engineer 

Alex Greenway

After a long absence from cycling, the ARCC Innovations e²-pod Intelligent Power system got me interested again, especially when teamed with a Moulton bicycle. The way in which the power delivery system has been integrated into the existing architecture of the Moulton is excellent. I actually find myself grinning when moving from stationary as the ‘launch assist’ kicks in with a smooth push of assistance, which is appreciated on the hills around where we work. I usually ride a motorcycles to site visits but now find myself turning to the Moulton more and more.


Alex Greenway


I came to the ARCC e²-pod Intelligent Power System with the perspective of a long-standing, touring cyclist, although I was aware that the system was primarily aimed at the commuter. I cannot imagine a better system for city commuting as it seems ideal, delivering smooth controlled power in a sophisticated way and yet with a minimal weight penalty.
Two heart attacks have left me with a damaged heart but with this system I am now again able to ride with my club-mates, albeit with a spare battery in my saddlebag. The advent of a new Bosch battery giving 36V at 9Ah will mean a doubling of the range and in my opinion will be a real game-changer.....can't wait.


George White



“It was a huge success! We had near-sweltering heat and sunshine for the whole week and the mode of transport was ideal - probably the only way to see Holland as it should be! Jean’s ARCC’d TSR behaved faultlessly and matched my NS beautifully. No mechanical faults or punctures at all. Carrying the fast charger wasn’t a hassle and meant we had no worries about the battery. Some cafés in the villages had bike stands with charging points!”


Goerge & Jean Dollimore


"On the e2-Brompton flying up the Mall in the London Freecycle on 30 July. Believe it or not, I am smiling, as I was really enjoying myself. I got round the 10 mile course in an hour, and finished fresh as a daisy! Since then I have been out and about, up a fair few hills, and I am very happy
with the bike."


Valerie Hunn